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Unmatched Scalability

Expand your website by Adding pages and the functionality you need

Easily Add Functionality

Scalability is important. Add new pages to your school's website as your needs grow and change, keeping it current today, tomorrow, and even years from now. Quickly add blogs, photo and video galleries, forms, news feeds, site alerts, calendars, social media feeds, interactive maps, directories, and more in just a few clicks. Each page will automatically format to your website’s unique design style formatting.

  • Unlimited pages

  • Built-in advanced functionality

  • Automatic design style formatting

  • Password-protected pages

  • Add pages in just a few clicks

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Quickly and easily add a blog to your website. Write and publish educational articles, announce upcoming events, highlight classroom activities, and post photos and videos. Feed to your home page and social media accounts in just a few clicks.

  • Keeps parents up to date on school activities

  • Share blog posts to social media in just a few clicks

  • Create unlimited posts

  • Create categories allowing website visitors to filter blog posts by topic


Create calendars displaying your school’s events, holidays/vacations, and important deadline dates. Parents and staff can easily subscribe and have new events automatically sync to their personal calendars.

  • Fast and easy to create

  • Easily add individual events or bulk import a larger list

  • Create recurring events and blackout dates

  • Automatically syncs to other calendars

  • Create multiple calendars

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School Tours and Conferences

Easily schedule school tours, meetings, and conferences with the built-in Scheduler tool. Accessible via your website, parents can choose from preset times you determine. Automatically syncs to your calendar so you’ll never miss an appointment.

  • Make scheduling tours easy for parents

  • Manage automatic email notifications and cancellations

  • Manage available dates and time slots

  • Syncs to calendars of your choice

  • Add as many Scheduler calendars as needed for different faculty and admissions staff members

Campus Maps

Let website visitors take a tour of your school from the comfort of their homes! Interactive maps guide parents through your campus, highlighting special features and places. Add a “Schedule a Tour” pop-up to encourage and boost physical tours.

  • Adds a wow factor to your website

  • Fun and engaging to “walk” through your campus

  • Add embedded videos, photo galleries, descriptions, and links to map locations

  • Allow users to filter map by categories that you create

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Easily add directories to your website. Highlight staff credentials, photos, and contact information. Direct feed data from the built-in contact manager or integrate with your database for instant flow of your most up-to-date information.

  • Administration and faculty directories

  • Board of Education directories

  • Private, password-protected family and student directories

  • Search members by departments

  • Feed data from built-in contact manager or your existing database

Online Forms

Custom-create forms for every school need and watch engagement rise! Create inquiry forms, event registrations, and donation forms. Securely collect payments and even send automatic confirmation and thank-you responses.

  • Inquiry forms

  • Event registration forms

  • Online tuition payments

  • Donation collection

  • One-step or multi-step applications

Dive Deeper

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SoSimple's athletic pages allow you to easily manage team calendars, post game results, add and manage team rosters, and manage coach profiles. Team calendar events can be included within an overall athletics calendar and then filtered by team and added to that team's web page. This means that you manage one calendar but have the flexibility to include filtered results on a team-by-team basis.

  • Athletics and Team Calendars

  • Users can subscribe team events

  • Manage Team Rosters and profiles

  • Manage coach profiles

  • Manage results

Audio Playlist

Easily add a listing of audio files as .MP3s. Users can listen to audio files on page or download for later. This page type is perfect for faith-based events such as sermons, athletics, or class lesson audio within a password-protected teacher page.

  • Bulk or individually add MP3s

  • Listen on-page or download files

  • Auto sort by date

  • click and drag manual resorting

  • Add and manage file descriptions

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