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Interactive Campus Maps

Provide remote one-on-one school tours with Interactive Campus Maps. Ideal when families cannot visit your school or are eager for a sneak peak prior to a visit. Include hot spots with photos and embedded videos to provide an immersive experience from home. From walking the halls of the academic buildings, to watching a soccer match, to listening to student testimonials, the interactive campus maps give visitors an in-depth online view of your school.

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Encourage new families to schedule a physical tour of your school or a phone/video conference. The Scheduler plugin makes it quick, easy, and convenient for parents to select a date and time from time slots you pre-determine. No more back-and-forth communication trying to find a mutually acceptable time. The Scheduler plugin then updates your calendar with the appointment and automatically sends out a confirmation email to the parents.

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Flip Book

Want to extend the reach and enhance the effectiveness of your school's printed publications and sales presentations? SoSimple Flip Book is the answer. Use it to convert static printed material into engaging Flip Books with interactive features. Easily add clickable hotspots to display vibrant photo galleries, embedded videos, comprehensive content and links, and a fun interactive format allowing visitors to flip through enriched pages of your school brochure, sport and club programs, capital campaigns, and more.

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Community Manager

You’ve received leads from your website’s inquiry form or new donations. Now what? It’s time to nurture these opportunities. Community Manager allows you to do just that. This simple-to-use yet powerful database lets you create your own data fields, store information, run queries, track giving history, send out email communications and bulk text messaging, create automated marketing campaigns, and see communications history and user analytics. Community Manager is ideal for admissions, marketing, alumni relations, and development teams.

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