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Easy Website Management

Manage your school’s website with amazing ease and speed

Complete Control

Manage virtually every aspect of your school’s website with no coding or technical skills required. You’ll have the power to edit, manage, and expand your website content with amazing ease and speed – without incurring ongoing development or maintenance costs. Quickly update content using the drag and drop editor. Search engine optimization (SEO) is also built into every page – no technical knowledge needed.

  • Drag and drop editor

  • Easily clone pages and content boxes

  • Restore previous page versions

  • Automatic design style formatting

  • Integrated SEO – no coding required

  • Manage from any location

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Built-in SEO Tools

Search engine optimization (SEO) is critical in getting visitors to your website. SoSimple makes it easy. We’ve built SEO tools into every page of your website, helping you rise to the top of search engine rankings. Our built-in search engine preview automatically limits character displays to comply with SEO best practices and allows you to see exactly how your site will appear is search results.

  • No coding knowledge needed

  • Quickly add title tags, meta descriptions, alt tags, and keywords

  • Specify 301 redirects

  • Specify “No Follow” for pages to be excluded from browser searches

Shared Content and Feeds

No need to duplicate efforts by creating and maintaining the same content in several places. With SoSimple, you can auto-feed blog posts, calendar events, news, photos, forms, and social media posts into your home page, or any page of your website. You’ll save time and ensure that your most important messages are not overlooked.

  • Highlight important news on your homepage

  • Automatically feed social media posts

  • Easily create automatically updating “set it and forget it” content boxes for blogs, calendars and news feeds.

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Site Alerts

Create calendars displaying your school’s events, holidays/vacations, and important deadline dates. Parents and staff can easily subscribe and have new events automatically sync to their personal calendars.

  • Fast and easy to create

  • Easily add individual events or bulk import a larger list

  • Create recurring events and blackout dates

  • Automatically syncs to other calendars

  • Create multiple calendars

Website Accessibility

With SoSimple, your school’s website will be ADA compliant and accessible to all visitors. Our platform offers the tools you need to meet essential WCAG 2.0 Level AA requirements. We are highly proactive in compliance throughout your website’s development, and we follow a pre-launch testing process to ensure all regulations are met. We also offer audit services for ongoing compliance monitoring of website accessibility as you update and expand your site.

  • Beautiful yet functional design

  • Accessible-Friendly Tools: CMS includes automatic and self-managed tools to make meeting accessibility standards easier.

  • Pre-website launch QC process for testing and addressing issues

  • Optional Enhanced WCAG Audit Service for ongoing compliance monitoring

WCAG Audit Service

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