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Portals and Intranets

Create subsites or password-protected portals for member-specific information

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Password-Protected Portals

Create special sections of your school’s website to publish member-specific content. Password-protect these sections to restrict access to only specific groups, keeping confidential information out of the public’s eye. Ideal for creating ports exclusively for staff, parents, or alumni.

  • Create staff, parent, and alumni portals

  • Include password protection to limit access

  • Secures sensitive content from public view

  • Unlimited portals/intranets and pages

  • All CMS page types available for these sections

Cost-Effective Subsites

Create subsites that reside within your website. Each subsite can have its own primary navigation and content. Ideal for owners of multiple schools, parochial schools with church affiliations, public school districts, athletic teams, or capital and fundraising campaigns.

  • Easily navigate to multiple subsites

  • Unlimited number of subsites

  • Manage all subsites from one location

  • Saves time and website costs

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