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SoSimple Interactive Announces Its New Virtual Campus for School Websites

June 17th, 2020

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has made it very clear that schools need to have better online classroom systems in place. Whether due to a health-related crisis, emergency school closings, students requiring temporary at-home learning, or future online expansion, a school’s ability to provide a thoughtfully planned remote learning experience is essential.

SoSimple Interactive is pleased to announce the release of its new Virtual Campus, a comprehensive yet easy-to-use distance learning module that resides right on a school’s website. With Virtual Campus, each teacher has his/her own classroom where they can live-stream lessons, attendance can be tracked, teachers and students can chat, recorded lectures can be stored for student viewing, and more. More importantly, with Virtual Campus located directly on a school’s website, students know exactly where to go for their classes, and have all the tools they need in one systematic location.

 Here are some benefits schools can expect with SoSimple Virtual Campus:

- School-branded portal and virtual classrooms

- Embedded Zoom video calls with all functionality built in; no need for invites anymore

- Password-protected permissions management

- Integration with your existing SIS, LMS with Single Sign-On

- Automated and/or manual attendance tracking

- Email and text messaging

- Two-way discussion boards (teacher-student; student-student)

- Calendars for important dates

- Online forms

- Recordings of past lessons

- Library of related class materials

- Built into a school’s SoSimpleCMS website platform

Having a proven, structured system in place can ensure that a school’s faculty and students are well prepared to succeed while away from the physical classroom. SoSimple’s Virtual Campus helps schools deliver on their promise of excellence in education.